Live. Love. Grow.

I started writing in this blog about 6 or 7 years ago because I seriously wanted to explore writing. I’ve loved writing in it and have even made an attempt at a book after receiving rave reviews from my best friend from high school. There’s a cork in that at the moment…

The blog is about life and what’s contained within it. All of us have such very different experiences but yet find common connections with one another throughout the course of our lives. It’s the connections that make everything we go through matter. It’s where our desire for relevance and purpose are satisfied.

So many of us are in a constant state of wonder about what this life is all about. There have been countless attempts at answering this wonderment, from the Bible to self-help books to blogs very similar to this one. My attempt is more about exploring my own questions, in an attempt to one day find a way to help others through what can be a very challenging and confusing time of life.

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