#1 – I love to write, I might be good at it and want to explore doing it professionally.

This is the only time that I plan to go in order of my list(under my very descriptive page “What For?“).  I have a huge desire to get things out of my head and onto paper (aka plastered all over the Internet).  So, that’s why I’m starting my posts with #1 on my list, because it actually is number one right now.
My mom sent me a text this week that was relaying a message from one of my high school English teachers, Dr. Fay.  I’ve known for some time that he has always thought highly of me, and my abilities in his classroom.  And I find it amusing that once in a while during the years since I graduated (12 years ago) he still mentions it to my mom when he comes across her.  Maybe it’s because she’s a beautiful woman and he’s playing to her soft spots (mom’s love to hear compliments about their children), but maybe, just maybe he really was impressed with the teenage version of me and my writing abilities.
But I digress… my point is, after hearing for a decade or so that I have some writing abilities, I’m ready to explore them!
In addition to the warm little story of my high school English teacher, I actually really like to write and I do think I am good at it.  Casey (my husband) does too, and I love when he tells me so!  It’s just rewarding looking back at the words that you’ve written, and the fact that you can delete and re-write when it’s not quite right is a nice perk too.
And now that I’ve shared how fond I am of myself… I really hope I’m not bluffing!
I must touch on the 3rd part of this posts’ title (I want to explore doing it professionally)… I’m not looking to write a book, or become a professional blogger (is that even a profession?).  I would just like to explore where and how I can put my skills to the test.  Again, that’s assuming that after writing this blog for awhile I (and others) still think highly of myself.  And what if, just what if, I got the skills baby?  Then I’ll write a book about something… who knows what, but believe me, it will be GOOD!
Ok, that’s it for now… it’ll be a fun journey, this blogging thing, so please join me!!

2 thoughts on “#1 – I love to write, I might be good at it and want to explore doing it professionally.

  1. Just write for writings sake! I never thought I was a good writer and I am still undecided but I’m writing anyway and it’s a really great creative outlet. And, I agree with Courtney, you are brilliant.

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