Frequency Alert

As I am sitting at home on a quiet Saturday afternoon, Casey on his computer, Parker “napping” (he think’s he’s fooling us by keeping his eyes open) and Connor happily roaming around without a big brother to trample him and make him cry, I realize that it’s a good time to write another post… wrong!

I am starting to realize that my inspirational thoughts, or what I consider to be good material, only seem to come ’round when I am alone.  Driving, sitting on the couch after the kids go to sleep, spacing out at work…  Most often though while Casey was out of town last week.  Since I didn’t have anyone to converse with while sitting on the couch with the kids in bed, or anyone’s schedule but my own to think about while driving, or anyone else’s thoughts to consider for that matter, it seemed to leave my brain on vacation.  Also, in any other moment of my life in the past 6 years I would have been busy thinking about my job, or my pregnancies or any other array of “big things” going on.

What a relief!!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to live alone, be alone, or not have anything “big” happen in my life anymore… it was just so new to me having my thoughts to myself.

So, as all of my ramblings will have one… here’s the point… quiet time/alone time/down time… well worth it!  I’m looking forward to more.

However… with 3 kids, I mean 2 kids and a husband, full time job, etc etc… quiet time can be hard to find, so here’s the Frequency Alert… I might not post daily.  I might not post weekly.  I promise I will at a minimum post monthly, with a goal of much much more often.  So far, my average is daily!

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