#4 – Part Two

I wasn’t done with this one either I guess…

Sometimes I just stare at a picture of one or both of the boys when I’m at work, or when they are asleep at night, or when they are sitting right next to me.  I can’t get enough of them.  Looking at a picture of them or even better – while they are sleeping – is the best, because they are peaceful and quiet.

Right after Parker was born, Casey and I would go in and watch him sleep all the time, night after night.  We both still do it occasionally.  As much as we can’t wait for the magical hour of bedtime some nights, most nights we still will sit on the couch and wish they were next to us.  So we quietly sneak into their bedrooms, sometimes cover them with a blanket, but most often just look at them.

We never put our kids into bed with us, even when they were brand new out-of-the-box babies.  We were too afraid of creating a habit, and we also cherish our bed for all the reasons one should cherish their bed.  But because we created the habit of never sleeping in bed with Mom and Dad, they will NOT sleep in bed with Mom and Dad.  And I know for parents that created “co-sleepers” with habits all throughout the spectrum, the snuggling with their sleeping kids in bed is the good part of that not-so-good habit.  We try to snuggle with Parker in his bed after reading him a book before lights out and he actually says “go away”.  He’s so polite.

He was just as polite to me this afternoon while picking him up from daycare.  I buckled him into his carseat and affectionately plucked his nose off with my knuckles.  He didn’t even look up from whatever toy animal he found tucked away in his carseat when he returned to it, he just said “go away.”  I told him that wasn’t very nice to say.  His response?  “Drive.”  No emotion, just direction.  A little taken aback by his effrontery, I told him not to be mean to me and quietly obeyed his command and… drove.

Sometimes, I want to laugh at my off-the-cuff midget when he says some rude remark, and sometimes I do laugh at him, but I really do try not to encourage such behavior.  He doesn’t know any better.  I give him commands and demands all day long.  It’s most often followed by “please”, but just the same, it’s all learned behavior.  Similar to spilling his cereal and saying with the most serious look on his face, “Oh Shit!”

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