#7 – I also secretly want to be a teacher so I can buy office supplies ALL the time

What is not to love about office supplies?  Fresh, untouched notebooks, pens, pencils and erasers.  Piles of shiny, unbent paperclips.  Unlimited supply of binder clips in all sizes.  Extra sticky Post-It Notes!   Sharpies!

I absolutely love going to Office Depot. I slowly roam the aisles trying to come up with bona fide uses for the assorted products previously mentioned, even though I am generally stocked up already.  I have to use a great deal of will power to not buy things that I did not go there for in the first place.  Usually I go there to pick up supplies for work and most often leave there disappointed that I couldn’t buy more than just one package of labels.

Sometimes it’s even worse when I go to Sam’s Club.  They have huge packages of legal pads, sticky notes and sharpies.  I am always tempted to buy a stack of 20 legal pads… but really, it will take so long to go through them all, that I would miss out on the pleasure of going to Office Depot to re-stock.

Generally my obsession with office supplies is practical.  Products that I use for work to assist with my efficiency and organization.  And once a year I will go shopping for a new notebook, one with a hard cover, pretty design and nice paper inside.  This is what I use for the whole year to take notes at meetings, while on the phone, doing research and making lists.  Boy do I love making lists.  But this practicality could totally be blown out the door if I became a teacher.

Now we’re talking really fun stuff… construction paper, mass quantities of number 2 pencils, markers, rulers, colored pencils, storage containers to keep all this stuff in and lots and lots of college ruled paper!  I always hear about teachers not really having a budget to buy these supplies, and generally if they want to have fun stuff in their classroom, they have to buy it themselves.  I think I might have to actually start saving to become a teacher so I could indulge.  Never mind my own kids’ college education fund, or a retirement fund. No, I’m actually considering a school supplies fund.  I would have the most exciting classroom ever!  Well that’s if any of the kids shared my passion for paper…

I don’t know if I would be a good teacher, despite being stocked up.  I suspect that I would probably do a good job, but it would have to be elementary education.  I can’t handle the crappy little blue composition notebooks (or even worse the black and white Rorschach-print notebooks that don’t allow you to write close to the spine) that you are required to use in middle and high school.  Total creativity-suppression. Plus, I have enough hormones to go around, I don’t want to be forced into a hormone-infested classroom everyday of the week to really put me over the edge.

Sweet little kids that don’t know everything yet, and love to cut paper are probably my speed.  They like school at that age too.  The tweens and teens that like school are generally smarter than their teachers and are just as much of a pain in the ass as the kids who hate or pretend to hate school because they think that’s the cool way to be.

Now that I’ve thought this all through so well, I’m beginning to think that I might be stuck in the 20th century.  In fact my husband just text-messaged me from the Apple store saying that he wants to spend $200 on a brand new iPhone 4S for me so he can bring me into the 21st century.  Is that what it takes?  Do kids even use pencils and paper any more?  Do the first graders get iPads in their classrooms now?  Are there even teachers anymore or just LCD screens with the day’s lessons and two-way mirrors in case anyone loses their focus and needs to be put in line?

I’ll have to think of another savings fund…

2 thoughts on “#7 – I also secretly want to be a teacher so I can buy office supplies ALL the time

  1. Oh boy do I share your passion for paper, pencils, clips, sticky notes & sharpies. I totally related to every word of this posting and suddenly have the urge to go to staples and see what I might need 🙂
    And, by the way, I think you’d make a great teacher. But maybe, during your transitional career period, you should look for a managerial postion at one of these office supply stores. Think of the discount you would probably get. … .. and the stuff you could buy.

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