#15 PART I – There are AMAZING people out there and I want to talk about them

Here are two of my favorite to start…

Jamie Crockett – a young woman who once went on a Quest. She wrote about it, and I hung on every single word of it. I already had a huge amount of respect for who Jamie and her accomplishments to date, but this one blew me out of the water. She and I have a cosmic connection. By that I mean that I always feel her with me, even though we physically live about 11 hours apart and only talk once a month, if we’re lucky. We met in high school, freshman year, maybe even day one… it was Spanish class and she made fun of me. I returned the favor, not believing that she could actually change her nail polish color every single day. For neither of us was high school that great. I, myself am happy with it firmly more than a decade behind me. We lived just about a 1/2 mile from one another and spent a pretty good amount of time together, often accompanied by Courtney, Devin and Ariel. We went to college very separately, but we maintained our friendship through the phone and occasional visits. College had it’s challenges for Jamie, of which I honestly don’t remember much of the details, just the broad stuff. I was too busy having my own college challenges, with boys of course. Our cosmic connection kept us abreast of one another’s lives and nearing the end of college I started hearing about her and my friend Jared spending a great deal of time together. It took me by surprise at first, but he too is one of my most favorite people in the entire world, and I was really fond of the idea of them being together. They are happily married now.

Jamie is an artist. A quite talented and accomplished artist. Inspiring doesn’t quite do her justice. She is also a Certified Therapeutic Breathwork Facilitator, and working on her PhD at University of North Carolina. What is also amazing is that Jared too is working on his PhD, but he’s back in Boston, and they are spending the first couple of years of their programs apart. Strong and confident. I couldn’t believe after a few years together how her and Jared truly became one. They seemed so different to me apart, yet together they became none other but each other’s soul mate.

Jamie has a beautiful smile, heart and soul. You can feel her soul touch yours when you speak to her and she looks into your eyes. She genuinely cares and fervently listens. She was my maid of honor at my wedding and her words made me cry when she toasted us. She is bubbly, yet deep. A beautifully aged champagne.

Sophia Nakis – our beautiful real estate agent turned confidant, play-date partner and good friend. Casey and I met her at Starbucks one afternoon. Casey found her name somewhere when we decided that we wanted to buy a house. She was the absolute best (so good that we never even talked to one other real estate agent… which means we actually have nothing to compare her to, but who needs to when you’ve got her?). She told us that she was big on education. We were eager to learn. She seriously took care of business and we bought a house within 30 days of meeting her. We might not have continued a relationship with her if she hadn’t invited us out for a cocktail a month or so later to “catch up” and kept in constant contact with us through her monthly newsletters and seasonal trinkets on our doorstep. Don’t get me wrong – we loved her, so we would have initiated the friendship, but we figured she was too busy to become friends with all of her clients. And she probably doesn’t, but we just hit it off with her. Not to mention her kick-ass husband, and a year or so later, her beautiful baby girl who is just a couple months younger than Parker. They make a complete family of awesome-ness!

Sophia is so confident, so motivated, so lively and so much more. Her smile lights up the room and in the past 3 years, I’ve taken every opportunity to get together with her. She just brings such great energy with her. She, like Jamie, has traits that I aspire to attain myself. I don’t know Sophia nearly as well as I know Jamie, simply because I’ve been connected to Jamie for more than 15 years. But what I know is that she just brings happiness and life to a room. She brings knowledge and vigor to a conversation. And she brings inspiration to many people both professionally and personally, myself included.

Well done ladies! You are A-Ok in my book!

More amazing people coming soon to a blog near you…

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