# 9 – Casey Started One!

Casey tends to have good ideas, but I don’t often believe they are good off the bat, and if I do, I don’t let him know. He got the idea to start a blog, and the purpose? To document his brother Ryan’s surgery and recovery. Well, not to jinx it, but recovery was like 2 days in the ICU and then home a few days later. He’s doing really well, back to work, back to the old normal. The road to his real recovery (life without seizures aka the new normal) will undoubtedly continue for this year and then some. So, Casey’s not off the hook yet, he’s got a lot more writing to do!

Any way, I digress, Casey started a blog so I thought I would too. It’s not like he invented blogging or anything, but it was he who put it in my face and said “see?!”. So, since there’s not much more to write about on that topic… I’ll write about Casey!

The thing I love most about Casey is his ambition. He gets so revved up about an idea and he can’t stop telling people about it, researching it, dreaming about it. What I have to get better at is letting Casey figure out for himself if it is a viable or realistic idea or not. I tend to tell him what I think about it right off the bat, sometimes even providing him a quick list as to why it’s not a good idea. Who am I to shoot down anyone’s dreams? Everyone is the master of their own idea-making and executing. And just to be clear, we’re talking about IDEAS here… not impulsive purchases (ahem… Rolex… whole other topic entirely!). When it comes to expensive impulse buys, I still have every intention of shooting off a quick list of “reasons not to buy”. The only thing good that comes from impulse buys is a happy husband, and the saying “happy wife, happy life” (courtesy of Jason Gerrity) is equally accurate for husbands, there just isn’t a catchy phrase… yet! So, on occasion, I might let these things slide to help keep the peace in the Canevari household!

Back to Casey’s ambition. What would we be without our ambitions? I guess that’s what makes our human race so great, and at the same time possibly what will cause our own extinction. We, Casey included, would undoubtedly be bored without constant change. Without more, bigger, better. If we can dream it, we can make it reality. Casey’s ambition can go along those lines as well – wanting to be better than his past, and his future (kids) to be better than his present (him).

And all this ambition he holds – it makes him fun! Who are we kidding, I’m not always the barrel of laughs you may think I am… Ok, you don’t event think that do you? My seriousness can be overwhelming at times, so Casey’s fun, light-hearted, do-what-you-want-when-you-want, I’m buying a rolex and writing a blog mentality… is a refreshing blast in my face.


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