‘Tis the Season

I’m going to break away from my agenda to tend to this holiday season.  I have not been quite as motivated to write about my list of reasons to write a blog lately any way.  I actually have another post started in draft mode titled “Stuff that makes me sad”, but I just can’t bring that depressing kind of stuff to your doorstep during the “hap happiest time of the year”.

My other distraction has been my borderline obsession with an awesome blogger named Jason Good.  He writes about his life with 2 boys around the same ages as my boys.  He is a comedian, so his analogies, metaphors and extremely visual adjectives about what is so incredibly true about being married with children is hilarious!  He actually peed IN his pants, not peed his pants, peed IN his pants while sitting on the bowl.  Gross, but hilarious.  And from what I gather from the comments in the blog, this is not uncommon amongst men who tend to distract themselves while doing #2 (ah hem… iPads, iPhones, newspapers, Reader’s Digest and all the other tools you guys use to reduce your boredom while crapping…).  Sidenote: men are gross!

So, I’m going to take this distracted moment to talk about all the reasons we use the excuse-phrase “Tis the Season” during the month of December to help us feel better about what we can’t control.  Don’t forget to shrug your shoulders,tilt your head, and throw your hands up in surrender while saying “‘Tis the Season!”

  1. Kids are hopped up on who knows what and stay up to all hours of the night attending parties with their parents… ‘Tis the Season!
  2. The nightmare that is normally Walmart is elevated by a bagillion… ‘Tis the Season!
  3. Every client, manager, subordinate, and janitor refuses to get back to you until next month… ‘Tis the Season!
  4. You refuse to get back to any client, manager, subordinate, and janitor until next month… ‘Tis the Season!
  5. You drink practically every night… ‘Tis the Season!
  6. You drink Bailey’s… ‘Tis the Season!
  7. You eat whatever is put in front of you, your partner and your kids and ignore all dietary habits… ‘Tis the Season!
  8. Your tongue taste like glue for days on end… ‘Tis the Season!
  9. Cash or credit?… ‘Tis the Season!
  10. Everyone indulges, then over-indulges, then dives into absolute excess… ‘Tis the Season!
  11. Grandma honks, swerves, then flips you the bird to get a parking spot… ‘Tis the Season
  12. Making a donation to every cashier, bell-ringer and email solicitor doesn’t seem quite so unreasonable… ‘Tis the Season!

Are we out of control or what?  ‘Tis the Season!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and stay safe!

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