Run Drive Sleep Repeat

I have spent the last 24 hours (it’s 10 am on saturday) with 6 dedicated runners, carting them around in a 12 passenger van from Miami to our current location, just south of Marathon in the Florida keys. We’ve got a few hours left before our other van team of 6 takes over for the last 38 miles.

We have covered about 83 miles so far and by the time we’re done we’ll have run 109 out of the 199 from Miami to key west for our team of 12.

You know you want to say it, so I’ll do it for you: WTF?? Seriously, I agree! They are slightly crazy, but it’s a pretty awesome feat! It’s kinda cool just to be their designated driver too. That was until 3 am and my eyes were crossing, closing, and causing hallucinations. So I pulled over for the final 10 miles to let Casey drive to our checkpoint. My body was done and I had to give in.

It’s been a blast and we have all gotten a little closer sharing our bodily function needs and ailments. We have all come up with different ways of sharing with the group when we have to or just did poop. Some examples… “I gotta go drop the Cosby kids off at the pool guys” or “I just sent a brown trout back to sea man”. It’s not for the meek or faint of heart. If you don’t like to talk about your feces that’s cool, but don’t shame us for tossin’ the comments around.

We slept in a tent last night (this morning) for approximately 2 hours. That, the monstrous breakfast sandwich from a greasy dive, plus a baby wipe shower and new underwear totally knocked me back into shape. We are on the road again…

Drinking will be next on the agenda after runners 2-6 finish up and I suppose that’s partially why they do this. They get to drink their adrenaline-less, exhausted asses off and then get driven aaaalllll the way home by yours truly.

It’s fine by me though. I haven’t wiped anyone’s ass but my own in close to 2 days!

2 thoughts on “Run Drive Sleep Repeat

  1. Sounds like quite a feat for sure!! And…. where are the children through all of this?! Not listening to all the descriptive ways to poop I hope 🙂
    Way to go Casey. I’m proud of you and all of your teammates. And what a supportive & loving driver you all have.

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