Now open for suggestions…

It’s nearing the time that I figure out what to make of this blog thing.  A wise friend once told me “just write for writing’s sake!”  Well, I have a mild case of OCD.  I need to follow lists, meet goals and structure a plan.  However, the reason for creating a list of blog topics in the first place was to motivate the starting point of each post, and let it morph into something fun, inspiring and insightful.  I have 3 of 15 topics left on my original list to write about, then it will be time for a new, more exciting list… or so I hope.

I must say, I have way more fun writing about the things that aren’t on my list so I think that I will have fun making a whole list of random things to write about.  Here’s where you come in… I want my readers (I know that’s a pretty limited number of people, but just go with it…) to send me topics to write about.  Stupid topics.  Serious topics.  Weird topics.  Anything that you think I would enjoy writing about.

You can comment to this post, send me a message on Facebook, or Email me.  If I don’t receive any suggestions then I will a) know that I have zero fans (feeling guilted into sending one yet?); and b) have to make the damn list up myself!

2 thoughts on “Now open for suggestions…

  1. Here are some random topics that are literally random. I’m typing then posting without proofreading for ultimate randomness. A fun travel experience or two (for your traveling followers), funny but significant BC (before children) flashbacks, a book or a movie or a quote or a painting or something arty that had an interesting affect on you, if you could talk to your younger TA self back at Blackstone who started organizing the Dragon boat racing and if you ever thought you’d make a career out of it, would you be like Ayla, what time period would you live in and why, when you are parenting, what things from your childhood really stick out and how do they affect how you choose to raise your kids, what do you think of American politics? and the summer olympics? What about NPR and PBS? What is your biggest fear and joy with raising kids and how does it compare to your thoughts on that BC, tell us about family dinners, do you harbor a secret hatred for cheerios and goldfish? What do you think about people who choose not to have kids? Ok, I’m done now. I think you are awesome and I’ll read whatever you write about.

  2. ditto to all of what Rissa said! wish i could elaborate more on this….but all i have swimming around in my brain is {ummmmmmmm}……..fart…yeah, i just really like the above comment and wanted you to know 😉

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