Dinner Time… an excerpt from “Life as We Know It”

The boys eat dinner at daycare, around 4:30 each day.  This makes my evening just a tad easier, because I don’t have ravenous ankle-biters bothering me while I am making dinner.  But just the same, by the time we sit down to eat, enough time has passed that they are ready to graze again.  Keep in mind that they even get a snack on most days right when we get home to make sure they remain occupied while I play Suzy Homemaker.  This is just the nature of the toddler… eat now, eat later, eat again… just in case someone forgets to feed me later, I won’t go hungry.

So here’s a quick look into dinner at my house on a typical week night.

6:30 pm

Christine: OK, let’s eat, I’m starving.
Casey: Be right there.
Parker: What you doing Mommy?
Christine: Eating dinner baby.
Parker: Eating dinner??
Christine: Yup, Daddy and Mommy are going to eat dinner now.
Parker: What is that Mommy??
Christine: It’s pasta.
Parker: Mmm!  I like pasta.
Christine: OK, well it’s Mommy and Daddy’s dinnertime, you already ate dinner, remember?
Parker: I like pasta Mommy.
Casey: So, did you have a good day?
Christine: Yeah, you know the usu- Connor, please get off my chair.
Parker: I have some pasta Mommy?
Christine: No, baby, this is Mommy’s dinner ok? You already had dinner at Mima’s house.
Casey: What were you saying hun?
Christine: Oh, yeah… just the usu- Connor, please don’t climb on my lap.
Parker: I have some pasta please?
Casey: Fine, Parker, here have a bite.
Parker: Yummy pasta!
Casey: Yes, Connor, you can have a bite too, just leave Mommy alone for a minute.
Christine:  How was your day Case?
Casey: It was alright.  Really busy.
Christine: Connor, seriously?  Get off my chair, this is Mommy’s dinner!
Parker: What’s that Mommy?
Christine: A meatball.
Parker: I have some meatball please?
Christine: Sure, here’s a taste.  Now please let Mommy and Daddy eat.
Parker: I watch TD (TV) please?
Christine: Connor knock it off.  Honey will you please help him up on the chair?
Parker: I watch TD please?
Christine: Fine, here.  Do you want to watch Qubo?
Parker: Yeah
Christine:  Connor please!
Casey:  Thanks for making dinner babe.
Christine: Yeah, whatever…

6:35 pm

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