I’m not dormant… I just wish I was

What can I say?  Sometimes you just want to take a quick break – snuggle in for a long winter’s nap.  Yeah, I know it’s the middle of summer.  But you get my point… a little hibernation could do a mutha some good!

I am fully aware that you can’t sleep your problems away.  I am more interested in burrowing into a pile of pillows and blankets where I can’t be found and I don’t need to come out.  Just for a few days.  Not even to sleep, just to rest.  Just for solitude.

I’ve heard the word “Mommy” a few too many times in the past week.  I love being that subject matter, but can’t they just pick another word once in a while? I’d happily respond to “hey Lady!”  After 4 days of traveling and hotels, followed by 3 days of a new routine (or lack thereof), my two toddlers finally wore down. They watched 8 movies and took 2 1/2 hour naps.  No fighting.  No crying.  No expectations of lollipops, cookies or iPads.

Had I not needed to work all day, it would have been my day of dormancy. Instead I rewarded them with Oreos (my suggestion, not their demand) and told them how proud of them I was for being so good all day.  That felt good after 3 days of battling.

I could still use a little dormancy.  To get through a day where nobody needs me feels so simple, yet so unfathomable.  Do you even know how far  fathom is?

Eh, it’s only like 6 feet…

I digress.

To get somewhere you gotta go uphill.  No, that’s not right.
To succeed, you must feel defeat… well that’s probably true, but I don’t think it’s a saying.
To not down a bottle of wine every night, you have to go to AA.  Uggh, also true, but I’m getting off topic…

I will go through the lows to reach the highs.  I will push my limits to feel success. And I will face every challenge head on to come out a better person on the other side.  That is why I will not go dormant.  That is why I will live like a human, not a bear and sleep away the tough times.  I will be Mommy every single friggin’ time they say “Mommy!”

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