To be or not to be… thankful that is.

Some people are just not thankful enough – myself included.  And some people chose not to be thankful at all for the things that they are blessed with, even if few.  Now, for my latest list.

Today I am thankful for…

Thursday, November 8th – Bowling Therapy
I belong to an all ladies bowling league called “Lakeview Ladies.”  I am, or maybe was, terrible.  My average started out at 54 in week one.  By week 10, it was up to 65!  I’m improving every week, and while I will eventually plateau and beat myself up every single frame, today I am thankful for the camaraderie, new friends and feel-good moments of Bowling Therapy!

Friday, November 9th – My Health
In the midst of tragedy in the news everyday, and reports from friends and family of cancer, viruses and broken bones, I can’t help but be thankful for my health.  Not just today, but everyday. I occasionally experience a health problem, which is so far from what some people are dealing with on a regular basis.  Cheers to My Health!

Saturday, November 10th – Fresh Air
This day brought me and my family up to Portland, ME where I became increasingly thankful for the ability to breathe fresh air every day. I don’t have the misfortune of smog or other major pollutants effecting my air quality.  I only have beautiful green trees surrounding me, providing me with clean oxygen.  Breath it in people – this air is Fresh!

Sunday, November 11th – My Sanity
It’s actually questionable if I am even in possession of my own sanity right now.  I think I am, but not totally sure.  Nevertheless, when I am checked into Sanityville, I am so thankful to be there.  For there are those who cannot handle life’s stresses with ease and grace. And for whoever those people are – here’s to you!  I’m just glad to think straight and not go off the deep end on a daily basis.

Monday, November 12th – A Job
This day is Monday, and I am not living in Sanityville, but I am gainfully employed and one of the fortunate ones in today’s economy.  Three cheers to an income!

Tuesday, November 13th – A Warm, Comfy Bed
What is it about crawling into your own bed at night that is so desirable… oh right, its your bed.  Why the hell would we choose to crawl into a cement fortress at night?  We choose the fabrics and densities that best suit our need to conk out for 6-8 hours a night.  I am forever grateful for my cozy down comforter, clean sheets and my “blankie”.  Yep, still got it!

Wednesday, November 14th – My Hilarious Connor
The 2-year old with a personality beyond his years.  He’s so incredibly different from his 4-year old brother, especially at this age.  When Parker was 2, he was carefully sizing everyone up through intense stares and quiet whispers.  Connor… he’s just amazing.  Even in his darkest moments of mischief and saddest moments of despair he brings a smile to our faces.  And more often than not he makes us laugh aloud with his silly antics.  Yay for Connor!

Thursday, November 15th – My Fortitude
I was told recently that I carry a lot of fortitude. It wasn’t until I read the definition of the word that I believed that I do indeed possess such a quality.  Soon thereafter I became thankful for said fortitude, because it is allowing me to handle my life with strength and confidence.

Friday, November 16th – The World’s Desire to Achieve
We’re all quite good at taking advantage of the achievers and over-achievers of the world.  You know the Thomas Edisons and Steve Jobs’ out there.  The people that are looking for and creating the cure for cancer.  We use their lightbulbs and iPhones, and live longer healthier lives, but are we thankful for who they are and why they did what they did?  They have an inner desire to find new ways and paths for our world to operate.  Without the world’s desire to achieve, we’d still be living in the dark ages rubbing flint and firestones together to keep us warm and light our hearth at night.  I have a desire to achieve, it’s just on a much smaller scale, so I am thankful for the big picture people of the world!

Saturday, November 17th – Color
First, I must be thankful for the ability to see color.  Without, my life would be of less quality.  Color evokes emotion.  It bring brightness to the darkest of days.  I am so much more thankful for this now that we are heading into a deep, dark winter in New England.  In FL, there were plenty of rainy days during hurricane season, but it was always warm, and there were very few days where the sun didn’t shine, even if for a few minutes.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not exactly fashionable, and usually get into style a full year after it becomes stylish (I think that’s the exact definition of not being stylish).  So, to combat the winter dreariness, I have decided to embrace beautiful, colorful scarves!  Bring on the Color!

Sunday, November 18th – Sunshine
In similar ways to Color – I am thankful for the hot plasma filled center of our Solar System (the sun…). More specifically its rays that beam down to us earthlings and give us life.  We could not survive without the sun, and for that I am thankful.

Monday, November 19th – Casey
On this day I felt especially thankful for my husband.  We all have faults, but Casey makes me feel like I don’t have any.  I am thankful for his undying affection (even though I tell him he’s bugging me), his unconditional love and his desire to make me and our children happy.  In addition, I am thankful for our happy marriage.  Living with my parents could be cause for a major stress on our relationship, but we are doing really well, which gives me even more confidence than I already had, in our long happy life together.

Tuesday, November 20th – Good Friends
I mean really good friends.  Not just friends that are there in the moment that I have a good time with.  I mean the ones that have forever left an imprint on my heart.  The ones that will always love me for me, and that know me deep down in that place that is reserved for only a few people in life.  I am forever grateful and thankful for those people.

Wednesday, November 21st – My Dual Education
I am thankful for:
     1) The privilege of getting a higher education at a reputable University
2) My common sense education – the ability to learn, grow and use my good ole noggin’ to make smart decisions!

Tomorrow is Thursday, November 22nd – Thanksgiving – and I will be thankful for living back in Massachusetts where I can spend this holiday with my family for the first time in 8 years.

I will not be thankful on Friday for traffic and crazed lunatics shopping… just sayin’…

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