What happened in nine months?

Holy Shit!  I know… that’s what I said… when I realized it had been nine months since the last post in this here blog.  What is wrong with me (also the title of a post in draft form that I may try to finish some day)?

Well, nothing is actually wrong with me.  On most days.  But I did hit a wall with writing in this fun-lovin’ blog after I wrote a draft post on a topic which I feel quite passionate about – parenting.  I wrote a whole lot.  And I never published it.  I plan to.  But I didn’t nine months ago because I was worried that I would offend with my subject matter.  I know… it’s tough to have so many followers… what a problem.  What am I at, like 6 of you now?

Anyhoo… yes, I was worried I would offend.  Now, why (you might ask) would I care?  Well I shouldn’t and I don’t anymore.  So I will work on finalizing that draft and post it.  Right after I play a fun game of Catch Up with Christine Canevari!

December – Casey (and Connor) looked for a job, Connor and Parker began their first whole winter in style and we had a very merry New England Christmas!

Photo Dec 12, 11 08 53 AMWinter 2012-2013Photo Dec 15, 1 58 56 PM









January – I got a new job, Pa turned 90 and our walrus-friend came to visit.

Photo Jan 14, 6 43 04 PMPhoto Jan 20, 2 57 20 PMPhoto Jan 19, 6 29 16 PM (2)









February – Snowshoeing, skiing and new Friend friends!

Photo Feb 03, 10 58 24 AM Photo Feb 10, 10 59 16 AM Winter Fest









March – Casey got a job, we celebrated our Irish heritage and hunted for wabbits!

578100_10152682785535492_1951985495_nPhoto Mar 17, 2 35 58 PMPhoto Mar 30, 12 43 19 PM









April – We ate a lot of cheese and fell asleep in bars for Casey’s birthday and painted houses for Ty’s birthday!

Photo Apr 26, 6 05 23 PMPhoto Apr 27, 9 05 16 PMPhoto Apr 06, 3 22 33 PM









May – I ran my first Ragnar Relay, the kids started school and the tulips bloomed!

RagnarPhoto May 01, 7 37 06 AMPhoto May 12, 12 46 07 PM (1)









June – Went to a PawSox game with some cutie pies, my phone got hijacked at Ashley’s wedding, and we threw Dad a “surprise” 60th birthday party!

Photo Jun 15, 6 05 37 PM Photo Jun 15, 6 05 46 PM Photo Jun 14, 9 11 12 PM Photo Jun 23, 6 33 38 PM (1)








July – ACTION PACKED!  Had an amazing rooftop birthday dinner, saw The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd & Bad Company and Connor turned 3!

Photo Jul 03, 8 51 52 PM (1)Photo Jul 27, 9 04 31 PMPhoto Jul 28, 1 12 08 PM









As you can see, we’ve had a busy go at it.  I thought we were busy in Florida, but it turns out we have a drive to be twice as busy here because of the seasons: Gotta enjoy the snow before it melts; Gotta enjoy the sun before it fails to warm us.  Now that we’re all caught up, I will work on continue writing in my blog.

Oh, and… we still live at home.  Now, you have the full scoop on life as we know it!

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