I should take my own advice

We’ve all caught ourselves saying that to someone, admitting fault or guilt. We all slip up occasionally and need a pause or mute button on life.

I’ve been on hiatus from this here place for a few months (I know… again…), but today I took some time out of my day to read my own blog. My own words. I needed to catch up on me.

I’ve spent a couple of years now writing in this blog for the purpose of exploring who I am and to allow others to go on that adventure with me. There have been a few moments where I felt as though I actually defined small pieces of who I am… outloud. It’s been therapeutic and fun.

Last night I felt lost. And then I shared this link with a friend and started re-reading my posts. I suddenly remembered who I am and where I have been. I remembered what it took to get to where I am today. I remembered the internal confidence I possess. Up until I got through the majority of my reading today I had faltered. I had strayed. From none other than myself.

To quote myself, “I will go through the lows to reach the highs.  I will push my limits to feel success. And I will face every challenge head on to come out a better person on the other side.”

If we can’t educate ourselves through life, then we will not feel the outcome of success. When things go awry (because Dr. Suess says they WILL), we need to have the ability to accept the results with grace and humility. We need the sense and honesty with ourselves to understand what happened. Then we need to ask ourselves “for what reason?” Then we learn. We learn how to be a better version of ourselves through our experiences.

Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. It’s okay to lean on this mantra. It’s okay to believe in it. Because through the education of the reason is where we can find enlightenment and peace. It, the reason, may not present itself until a much later point in time, but you can lean on the faith that it is there.

And that is what helps us to survive without (too much) insanity.  At least it is what helps me… and this is about me isn’t it?