People are strange

People. People are strange. People come and go in our lives every day.  The birth of a child. The introduction of a friend for life. The death of a grandparent. At the point of impact we may not know the purpose that person may have or had in our lives, but just like every THING happens for a reason, every ONE happens for a reason.

So often you meet someone and it isn’t until a much later point in time that your “paths cross” again and the purpose is revealed. They may end up being a future business prospect, or just a friendly face in a crowd of discomfort that you can rely on when least expected. Or they may end up being someone that makes so much sense in your life, just not until a later point in time (ie marrying your high school sweetheart 20 years later).

We are here on this planet to teach one another. To help shape our life experiences. To share in love, laughter, happiness and sadness. To show us the kind of person we want to be, or the way we want to be treated. And conversely a negative interaction with someone may shape the way you interact with others from that point forward, not wishing to ever treat someone the way you were treated.

People are unexpected. We spend so much time judging those that we meet. There isn’t enough time spent on being open to the possibilities that the person may bring to our lives. I will never forget the night that I realized that my husband and I were going to have a future together. We stood talking on a freezing cold balcony during a friend’s house party. I was in a relationship. He was seeing someone casually. We just wanted to spend time together away from everyone else. We had a clear attraction to one another. He said to me that night… “If you didn’t have a boyfriend I would want to be in a relationship with you.” With a dropped jaw and slightly in shock I said… “you want to have a reeellaaatiioonshiiip with me? I just thought you wanted to sleep with me!” What a moment.

People are strange.  If you dig deep into yourself and the thoughts that swirl around in your mind, how many people on this earth would understand those thoughts?  Maybe 1 or 2 people that you may possibly never even meet. A friend, lover, soul mate or sibling may be able to understand who you are, what makes you tick, why those strange thoughts swirl around in your mind. But the majority of people that you meet will not understand you at your core level.

That’s what makes us strange. Our differences. “Hard to understand” is actually part of the definition of the word strange. To know that the majority of the people you meet and that know you don’t actually understand you can leave one feeling quite alone. Think about someone who is bubbly and happy on a daily basis, and that person commits suicide, seemingly without a cause. How alone they must have felt inside. It happens all the time.

People are Strange by Kurmis Meditouja.

People are Strange by Kurmis Meditouja.

All the while so many people don’t even know themselves. They don’t know what is making them tick. What turns them on or off. What causes them to drink to excess, smoke cigarettes or pull out their own hair. Some days I feel like I have a self-help bookshelf upstairs in my noggin’. I spend an extreme amount of time analyzing my thoughts, my actions, my emotions. I tend to be able to be extremely decisive. Analyze. Decide. Then occasionally I can’t be decisive, so I spend time wondering why I can’t make a decision. 

All this… in an effort for what? For me it’s an effort to make a deeper level connection with the people in my life.  A core-connection, an emotional connection. I can’t do that without attempting to understand myself first. I crave these connections… with all these strange people.