The Evolution of Love in Life

When we met…

I thought you were too cool for me. You saw me in a way I couldn’t see myself. I loved the attention from you. You impressed me by showing up unexpected that time. You were fun, exciting and adventurous. I couldn’t believe you wanted me.

When we started dating…

I was infatuated with you. We had a fiery passion. I loved every moment we spent together and missed you when you were gone. I had some of the best times of my life with you during those early years. I fell in love with you.

Over time…

You became my best friend. You were the one I wanted to wake up to the rest of my life. Our lives were in sync. We developed a deep love, deeper than infatuation and passion.

As time went on…

We began our careers and our paths as adults. Life got serious and so did we. I promised to love you through good times and bad. We bared our souls to one another. We trusted each other with our hearts. We started the next journey of our lives together. You were still my best friend.

When our lives got complicated…

Our love created more than we could have ever imagined. We laughed. I cried. We argued. We resolved to work on things. Our love didn’t fade. We faced reality as best as we knew how. I worried. I wondered. I fought for us to be our best selves. I fought for my sanity.

When we began the next chapter…

Times got tougher. Our love alone wasn’t enough. We needed more money and less stress. Our bond was tested. We began the search for our individualism. I chose the path less traveled. We craved personal success.  We wondered if we could find it and still be ‘us’…

When we dream about the future…

I see you. You see me. I fall. You pick me up. We forgive each other. You think I am too cool for you. We grow apart and back together again. We find success and a few failures. We laugh. I cry. You are still my best friend.


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