Pure Energy

Also the theme of Arbonne’s 2014 Global Training Conference… “Pure Energy” is the inspiration for my thoughts today.

Energy is what makes the world turn and what makes the universe revolve, evolve, orbit and burn. Energy is our life force. It picks us up in the morning, carries us through our day and gives us our edge to be our one unique self in this world.

The feeling you experience when a burst of energy surges through your mind and body is unmatched by anything on earth. To even describe that feeling is a challenge, and one that is likely different for everyone.

Positive. Negative. Many times the physical effects are the same – the surge of adrenaline. But the mental effects are quite different when you experience positive vs negative energy.

The absence of physical energy is exhaustion. The absence of mental energy is exhaustion. Energy is our life blood.

When have you felt this surge? Maybe after a workout when your endorphins are flowing and your muscles are experiencing an increased level of oxygen? Think about how a good song can make you feel. It can change your mood in a split second. Good music sends a surge of emotional energy through your body (Pharell has done a pretty damn good job giving the world this experience with his new song “Happy”). Music can evoke memories associated with a certain time in your life or feeling you once had.

What about the adrenaline you feel during and immediately after an altercation? Even though potentially a negative experience, you still get that surge of adrenaline the provides that amped up sensation throughout your body. Energy.

One of the best feelings is reliving a memory that makes you smile. It feeds your soul and increases your energy level. Fondly recalling a time when your heart skipped a beat can make it skip all over again. Being happy is an energy-driver and vice versa. Positive energy allows you to smile, open your bright eyes and lighten your step. It can keep you up at night – in the good way!

Energy is a rush. It’s an experience. Paddling through rapid whitewater, expecting to fall out into the flow at any moment. Waiting for the gun to go off at the start line. Sharing a dynamic and simultaneous moment of lust with your lover. Jumping out of an airplane at 15,000 feet. Meeting a goal. Feeling the warm sun on your skin after a long, hard winter.

As humans and individuals, we are so incredibly lucky to experience life in this way; To have instincts that drive us to the energies of the world. And to experience these feelings and that surge over and over again throughout a lifetime… What a gift!

I want to live constantly surrounded by Pure Energy. The heart-pumping, wide-grinned, tingling in your toes and fingertips kind of energy!