What is your elixir?


It bubbles beneath the surface.Elixir_by_mrozny
Screaming to get out, to be released.
A yearning. A tension. A craving.
Satiated by powerful moments.
Moments that reach your soul and set it free.
Temporarily free. Set free to roam.
It quietly returns to its vessel; peaceful at last.
It hunkers down until the temperature begins to rise once again.
Bubbling and steaming, it can’t get out.
Suffocating you until it can be freed.


Have you ever experienced this sensation? Many people have. You can’t quite describe it because it means something different to everyone. It is what makes you, YOU and me, ME.

It is what can make you feel misunderstood, and even sometimes alone.

But it is also the beauty of the world. No two humans alike. Roaming the earth bumping into people, sharing moments. Some will last a lifetime, others will be fleeting.

What is your elixir?