Roma non fu fatta in un giorno

Nope, I have not learned Italian. In fact, I haven’t even verified the meaning of this post’s title, but I’m about 99.5% confident it means… Rome was not built in a day.

Most people are striving to build their own Rome throughout their lives; their version of something great. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of hard work to truly build a Rome for yourself. In fact, the full phrase spoken by English playwright John Heywood was “Rome was not built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour”. Every little bit of work towards your goal(s) counts. And truly, hard work does indeed pay off.

In my business, the network marketing industry, it is said that you need every “no” that you receive to build a successful business that will ultimately result in residual income. Imagine needing to hear “no” to be successful? This was a concept that was pretty new to me when I started my business, even after having done some work in the sales arena. But, after giving it a thought or two, it made sense. In traditional sales, we need to learn from our mistakes that may have caused a “no” from our prospect. And we also need to learn how to hear and deal with rejection. In network marketing, it may not necessarily be a mistake we made that caused a “no”. The business opportunity or products offered just may not be the right fit for your prospect. But more importantly, the more often we hear “no”… the closer we are to a “yes”! And a yes is more than just a brick and some mortar in most cases in my business.

It only takes a few “yeses” to build your own Rome in network marketing. But those all important yeses may take many bricks being laid first. The phrase “Rome was not built in a day” reminds me to keep at it, to always take steps towards my goals because perseverance and hard work will absolutely result in my Rome being built.

What is my Rome you may ask? It is something that has been in me, bubbling beneath the surface, for quite some time. It has only been in the past year or less even, that I’ve identified it and made serious steps toward achieving it.

Rome for me is personal freedom. Freedom from debt. Freedom to spend my time how I chose. Freedom to be me, and not just me, but the best version of me possible. Freedom to make choices, of all calibers.

When drilled down to a more finite level, my Rome will allow me to:

  • choose the type of food and stores I shop in for me and my family (without fear of breaking the bank)
  • be generous with my time and money for those in need and those that I love and are deserving
  • give my children what was afforded to me (college fund and vacations) when I was growing up, and then some
  • visit my favorite places and favorite people more often and without having to save up a year in advance
  • retire my husband for his 40th birthday!

And so much more…

I don’t want to work more hours for more money, or get more hours of quality time to myself by sacrificing money. I want more time AND more money. And to be quite honest with ourselves… who doesn’t?! My Rome is giving me both and the journey along the way is so rewarding because the only way I am successful is if I help others become successful as well. Success in my business is defined as financial freedom, personal freedom and better health and wellness. Call it a trifecta of transformation!!

What does your Rome look like?