And the journey down your path of life continues…

Something is tugging at your insides. It’s leaving you feeling unsettled. It just keeps nagging at you. That little voice inside your head is telling you, “it’s time for a change”. You could call it gut instinct. You may believe that feeling, or even that little voice to be God’s messages, guiding your journey.

trust-your-gutIf you know what I’m talking about, then you’ve likely experienced this before, and I think you are pretty lucky! Why is that? Because you are getting guidance for your life! There is nothing fun about wandering through life without direction or any idea of what’s in store.

There are times in our lives when we may have an immediate answer or understanding about our gut instincts and what they mean. We may come to an obvious fork in the proverbial road of our lives and are faced with making a decision. The choice may come in the form of this gut feeling or God’s voice inside you. When the feeling is recognizable, it can bring us confidence in our decisions.

But, at other times, this nagging feeling is just sitting inside us, with no obvious fork in the road. If you ignore it, it will surely resurface until you make a change. So, what do you do? How do you identify it? How can you answer it and ultimately satisfy it? You can start by taking a few steps and doing a few exercises…

  1. Allow yourself to dream again. As many of us progress through life, we find that it dare-to-dreambecomes ordinary, cyclical and routine. We, ourselves may become complacent in our relationships, work/careers, and in our personal growth (which is crucial to find true success in our lives). During these ordinary or complacent phases, we may find that we’ve stopped dreaming.  Dreaming about the big things to come – vacations, a new home or home improvements, debt-free living, and maybe even our life’s purpose. Firing up those sparks again may give you direction for that nagging feeling you have.
    Have a purposeful conversation with your spouse or a close friend about what dreams you may have temporarily stashed away. Actually close your eyes and will yourself to conjure up images of fun, excitement, success of all forms, and take note of those images.
  2. Create a vision board. From those metal images you created while dreaming, create or find real images to represent your dreams. From the smallest little one to the most grandiose, put them all onto paper – big, poster sized paper – and display it in your home where you are reminded daily of your dreams. As the visions are cast the nagging feeling will take shape and direction.
  3. Examine your life for happiness and discontents. Break it down into categories to really help you explore. Examples could include:
    • Relationships:
      • romantic
      • family
      • friends
      • co-workers
      • God
    • Finances:
      • savings
      • retirement
      • debt
      • flexibility
      • cash flow
    • Work/Career:
      • 5-year track
      • 10-year track
      • fulfillment
      • benefit
      • purpose
    • Personal:
      • hobbies
      • fun
      • volunteerism
      • growth
      • education
    • Material:
      • home
      • clothes
      • toys

Highlight areas that bother you or you are struggling with. Pay attention to trends that may pop up, where you can cast your focus. In a different color, highlight areas that create fulfillment and happiness for you. Then identify ways to increase those positive areas. Changing the areas of discontent is likely to naturally result in increasing your happy too!


The most important thing, as you go through these exercises and exploration… Open Your Eyes. When you have feelings of anxiety, discontent, internal nagging that something needs to change, it may be the universe telling you to open your eyes so you don’t miss the fork in the road or your next opportunity. Being complacent and just going through the motions may not give you the ability to see what is right under your nose, sitting next to your on a plane, or written on the pages of a book. Life is a series of messages trying to find us. Open your eyes, mind and heart to allow these messages to penetrate us and create change that will bring you forward in your life’s journey.

change.jpgSpeaking of your journey… When going through changes in your life it is important to look forward to the future, where the road is freshly paved. Not through the rear view mirror where you’ve hit bumps in the road. It is true that it is the bumps that shape our lives and our character. The bumps are our lessons. But the bumps don’t define our potential. That is what lies ahead. There is a reason the windshield is larger than the review mirror…. it is more important! Send your gratitude up above for where you’ve been and then set your sights on what is ahead so you don’t miss the signs for the next turn or stop.

Lastly, don’t fear what lies ahead. It is in the unknown where we may find our greatness. Keep your eyes open and on the road ahead, embracing life’s changes, knowing that there are surely more bumps to come. Embrace those too, so the lessons aren’t missed. Be a student of your own life, and get excited about making changes! They are only painful if you make them that way. Change is fun and good and necessary and what gets us closer and closer to the greatness we were meant for on this earth!