Inspired.  That’s what I want to be.

So I made a list a couple of years ago (archived below) … then started a blog.  There are so many reasons to write.  More than I knew when I started.

This blog has become my outlet for creativity.  My therapist.  My self-discovery.

I don’t write in it regularly, but when I do, I try my hardest to be profound, meaningful and enjoyable to read.

My goal is to make more time.  More time for love, laughter and creativity in my life. There should always be time to color with your kids or hug your husband one more time before he leaves for work. And there will always be time for laughter.  In times of death and despair, there will always be time for laughter.

For it is in those moments that we need it the most.

I can help YOU make more time too. We all have a desire for freedom. Freedom over our time and freedom over our finances. Allow me to show you how to fulfill this desire.

Original list… Why I should write a blog / Potential blog topics:

  1. I love to write, I might be good at it and want to explore doing it professionally
  2. I turned 30 this year
  3. I’m changing jobs
  4. I have 2 kids and they are great inspiration for writing and great entertainment & Part II
  5. I have 1,000 random thoughts swirling around in my head at any given moment
  6. I secretly want to be a psychologist/therapist
  7. I also secretly want to be a teacher so I can buy office supplies ALL the time
  8. I need an outlet/hobby
  9. Casey started one! (just kidding – I know he’ll read this)
  10. I have a challenging family which makes for interesting reading
  11. There are only 2, maybe 3 people that REALLY know me, and even fewer that GET me… maybe it’s time to get ME out there
  12. Creative thinking/writing really appeals to me
  13. I’m in the middle of reading Eat Pray Love and it makes me want to “get in touch”
  14. Other people speak higher of me than I do of myself & Part II
  15. There are AMAZING people out there and I want to talk about them

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