Health and Wellness – Part II

Wellness. Can I get the definition?wellness
noun. the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.

Wellness. Can you use it in a sentence?
“The ability to relax and rejuvenate promotes wellness, vitality and longevity.”

Wellness. W-E-L-L-N-E-S-S. Wellness.

In Health and Wellness – Part I, I focused on food and the health care industry and how challenging it can be to be “healthy” these days because of what’s stacked against us regularly. But with a little bit of education about the food options available to us and some background on the domino effect that our health decisions have on us, we can all choose to live very healthy lives!

When I think of the term “wellness” I am immediately drawn to our state-of-mind, our overall happiness (down deep, not just surface level), and our personal level of security (vs. insecurity). This, in conjunction with a health-oriented approach to food and activity and you are on your way to a full blown state of Health and Wellness, covering both body and mind!

(make sure you read to the end of this one – that’s where the really good stuff happens!!)

The reason that our state-of-mind, thoughts and general approach to life (positive vs negative) affects our wellness and health has been documented in a number of publications. If you have not had the pleasure of reading or watching Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, I highly recommend it. It discusses the Law of Attraction and its principles are rooted in an overall approach to how the Universe operates, which is based on energy. Some of the big tips that I took from Byrne’s teachings are:

  • What you think about, you bring about – this means the Universe will provide you with what you focus on and put energy into. It does this without regard to the words “I want” or “I don’t want”, or if you frame things in a positive or negative manner. For example, if you are constantly telling yourself “I will not get fat” then guess what – you will probably get fat. Conversely if you repeat the phrase “I am full of health”, opportunities and results based in health with be presented.
  • What you THANK about, you bring about – this refers to focusing positive energy on gratitude towards the people and things in your life. I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for my strong will. I am grateful for my loving family. These are all examples of paying gratitude, which will only result in more to be grateful for.
  • You have the ability to achieve anything that you desire. Anything at all. By using the law of attraction, we all have the ability to achieve all of our dreams and desires.

The Secret teaches us that we create our lives in totality – by every thought, every second of every day. If you are manifesting negative thoughts, your life will continue to manifest in negative results.

Another publication that I found fascinating is Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K Truman. This book discusses the manner in which our feelings can result in physical ailments in our own bodies. It goes into depth about the profound effects that the energy of our thoughts can have on our health. The book discusses that this can start as early as the fetal stage of our lives and the thoughts and feelings our parents have about the pregnancy.

Truman suggests that physical ailments may start to manifest as early as childhood, and may continue into our teens and later adulthood if not corrected. This is the result of carrying the burden of an image of ourselves that is less-than-perfect. Truman provides many impactful examples throughout the book, including one of a 5-year old boy who’s grandmother helped him to overcome the effects that a stressful home environment were having on him, using her techniques described in the book.

There is also an index of ailments, ranging from physical pain to addiction and disease, and the corresponding negative thoughts that may be associated with each ailment. For example: shoulder pain may be related to feelings of burden, carrying the weight of others, etc. She provides the reader with a script that teaches us to replace these feelings of negativity with productive and positive thoughts and feelings that over time will result in healing and wellness.

It’s a very “heavy” topic to learn about, but one that I found quite relevant during my ongoing journey of health education and personal development. I truly believe that health and wellness must go hand in hand to achieve being the “best possible version of ourselves”. That may mean something different to each individual, and in fact, it should.

What I know to be true is that we are meant to constantly change and grow as humans. We are also meant to strive for greatness. We all have it in us, but it is our choice to find it and unleash it. Each and every person was born with a purpose, no matter how short or long their life may be. I am working to achieve the best possible version of me every day of my life. It is a lot of work. But the results are why I do it.

Think about the people around you. If you are a better version of yourself, there is an intense ripple effect to everyone in your life. You are happy, which means you are more patient, fun and kind to your kids and your spouse. You are confident and courageous, which means you are an excellent leader to people that are in need of your spirit and positive energy. You are giving of yourself, which means you are selfless with your time and money to others in need.

How do you feel after someone gives you a compliment? You’re smiling big (even if only on the inside due to modesty)! Smiles make your happy, warm and fuzzy. Imagine what it would be like to give yourself these compliments on the daily… what a concept! If you know how good it feels when someone sees and says something about you that you may not see yourself, why not explore yourself what is literally right under your nose?? Take a look inside yourself today and give yourself a compliment. And then give someone else a compliment. I mean a real and true, from the heart compliment. One that brings you to tears just saying it out loud because it’s making you feel so good knowing that you’re touching that person’s soul.

Be kind to yourself, hunt for the good within you and slough off the negative feelings and thoughts. Strive for wellness of mind. Someone told my mom once that I had good mental health and that was honestly one of the best compliments I’ve ever received. Is it easy to be full of positivity all the time? God no! But with practice, like anything, it gets easier. That’s when you see the results. That’s when you’ll see and feel the connection to your health. It FEELS better to think happy thoughts and be kind to yourself and others.

Finally – as you go through your journey of health and wellness, be on the lookout for a place called Peace and Contentment (and don’t mistake that word contentment for complacency! We’re never too old or mature to learn and grow). Achieving peace in your world will come from health of body and wellness of mind. At the core of Peace and Contentment is love. Love for yourself and love for others.

Not sure where to start? Try some of these:brainwellness

  • Change some bad eating habits to healthier ones
  • Start replacing negative thoughts and views with positive ones that serve you and your life
  • Write down a personal, positive affirmation statement (For example, mine is: I am a strong, courageous and beautiful woman who is a force to be reckoned with and an asset to those who are in my life. My heart is kind and my passion is insurmountable!) and read it to yourself every day.
  • Write down your dreams and desires and focus your thoughts and energy on them
  • Try a new physical activity like a brisk walk or running outdoors, yoga or just stretching at home
  • Tell the people you love that you love them
  • Write down 5 new things daily that you love about yourself
  • Try doing random acts of kindness – you know like pay for the coffee of the person behind you in the drive through or ask an elderly person if you can help them with their groceries.

The best part about achieving a life full of health and wellness is that there is nothing to lose, only sooooo much to gain!!